Ambassadors Club Outline


Welcome to the Macedonia2025 Ambassadors Club

Macedonia2025 is dedicated to helping create a prosperous economic climate in Macedonia that will establish opportunity and innovation for its citizens and foreign investors. Our mission is to assist in positioning Macedonia as a preferred destination for foreign direct investment, promote transparency within government and corporate practices, and inspire future business leaders in Macedonia.

The Ambassadors Club is Macedonia2025’s face to the outside world. It is a group of successful professionals of Macedonian origin from around the world, all of whom share one goal: To help us build a stronger nation! As a network of exceptional individuals, the Ambassadors join their efforts to assist in the implementation of Macedonia2025’s projects and events, adding value to the networking opportunities within the organization, as well as contributing to the expansion of the Macedonian market and fundraising opportunities.

Membership Criteria

  • Executives, business owners, and working professionals with relevant leadership experience and motivation to help the organization grow and prosper.
  • Executives, business owners, and working professionals with relevant leadership experience and motivation to help the organization grow and prosper.
  • Has to have a passion to promote Macedonian businesses, Macedonia2025 and Macedonia as a whole
  • 4+ years of industry experience
  • International experience is an asset
  • BS+ Degree or demonstration that you have built/led successful business (accepted in lieu of degree)
  • An annual personal fee of 200 USD or secured sponsorship to MK2025 of at least 500 USD


  • Process An applicant is nominated by an AC member, Board of Directors, CEO or other partners of Macedonia2025 OR the applicant applies independently
  • Prospective member fills out an application form available on our website
  • Prospective member is interviewed by an AC member and should receive positive feedback

Affinity Club Requirements

  • Ambassadors are structured into affinity clubs according to their field of expertise
  • A meeting will be scheduled with members of each AC Affinity Club
  • AC members are to nominate ONE Coordinator Ambassador will be chosen for each Affinity Club
  • Nomination for Coordinator Ambassador: You can nominate yourself or someone else – only one nomination per ambassador.
  • After the nominations, the selection of the coordinator will be through an anonymous vote which will take place using or similar
  • MK2025 team will count the votes and inform each Affinity Club about newly elected Coordinator Ambassador
  • Coordinator Ambassador term: 1 year
  • Ambassadors can run for multiple terms, though change will be encouraged


  • Enthusiastic to give back to the community and society, passionate to share knowledge and be a mentor to established or and future young professionals
  • Assist the process of establishing connections between Macedonian companies and new clients
  • Assist the establishment of communication and partnerships between Macedonia2025 and universities, with the aim of providing scholarships for Macedonian students
  • Contribute to the transfer of know-how, network and experience within his/her industry by providing us with opinion articles for our research newsletter or by participating in lectures and workshops
  • Engage as a mentor of Macedonian young entrepreneurs (online or in-person)
  • Assist the fundraising efforts for our educational programs
  • Encourage creation of an internship program at his/her company for Macedonian students
  • Recruit new Ambassadors

Macedonia2025 Ambassadors Club Affinity Clubs


Finance and Economics


Business Development and Consulting




Strategic Operations



Membership Criteria

We believe that holding a Macedonia2025 membership is an honor. In order to safeguard our reputation as an organization, the following actions are prohibited, unless express prior permission is obtained in writing from the Executive Director of Macedonia2025.

  • No member will use Macedonia2025’ name and brand in any political content or event;
  • No member will use Macedonia2025’ name and brand for commercial purposes or promoting other organizations and causes;
  • No member will communicate or imply that they are an official representative or spokesperson for Macedonia2025;
  • No member will do interviews, public showing or any other type of promotional manner in the name of Macedonia2025 without previous approval;
  • No member will disclose any confidential information or any internal correspondence to the public;
  • No member will arrange meetings, events or any other type of activities using the name or brand of Macedonia2025 unless Macedonia2025 staff are directly involved in organizing the event and the event has been approved by Macedonia2025;

Failure to abide by these conditions may result in the suspension or termination of membership, which may include a notice posted to our website. Macedonia2025 will take any abuse or misuse of its name and reputation very seriously.

In addition, if any member is found guilty of criminal activity or corruption, their membership will be immediately terminated. Members are, of course, free to cite their Macedonia2025 membership on their CVs and to discuss their involvement with Macedonia2025 so long as it does not breach any of the conditions above. For additional information, please contact our Diaspora Relations Officer Galena Cunningham at