Business Development


Bitove Family Entrepreneurship program

Macedonia2025 in cooperation with Catalyste+ (former Canadian Executive Service Organization – CESO SACO) offers its services to Macedonian MSMEs. Catalyste+ is a leading non-profit economic development organization with nearly 50 years of experience, dedicated to sustainably reducing poverty and fostering economic growth in Canada and globally. Catalyste+ provides senior Volunteer Advisers, with experience in diverse sectors and industries to assist small entrepreneurs/MSMEs in improving their business operations by providing skills development, training, coaching, mentoring and related best practices, business tools, processes and systems.


The Leader Project

Macedonia2025 is implementing the “Business and Entrepreneurship Development Training: The Leader Project” in cooperation with the renowned Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1991 by MBA students from the Ivey Business School, with the mandate of empowering promising entrepreneurs in frontier markets to envision, launch, and/or scale new ventures. Through this approach, the Leader program aims to enable high-potential individuals to develop local, regional or international business solutions that create opportunities for their communities.


Connect2MK Program

Macedonia2025’s mission is to shape Macedonia’s future by promoting sustainable economic growth that will improve opportunities for citizens, companies, and foreign investors. Our goal is for Macedonia to become the leading economy and most prosperous country in the region. To this end, we have developed a platform that will connect Macedonian businesses with professional expatriates from around the world, therefore helping them grow and prosper in an international environment, through mentoring programs, partnership opportunities and/or investments.

Macedonia2025 remains dedicated to building capacities for economic growth, thus helping build a stronger nation.


Macedonia2025 Summit

The Macedonia2025 Summit is a premier regional gathering that serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, connecting organizations, and inspiring change in Southeast Europe. Having some of the greatest minds in business, science, and technology as our speakers, we shape the present into a tomorrow in a parallel step with the world’s leading countries. We are the largest not-for-profit entity in Macedonia and one of the most impactful in Southeast Europe. Policymakers, companies operating in the region, members of the diplomatic corps and international organizations, as well as academia and civil society members attend the Summit each year.


Invest in Macedonia

Macedonians in the Diaspora are in a unique position to invest or to support the starting of new enterprises. There are many people from Macedonia who have become successful business owners and professionals in the countries where they live. What if for these people the time has come for a new challenge? Why not make Macedonia the place to invest?

We are happy to say that besides the big companies there are also Small and Medium Enterprises that have invested in Macedonia, who are foreigners who have no cultural or ethnic connection to Macedonia. We are delighted that they have seen opportunities in the country and we hope that these will be yet another reason why people in the Diaspora should come here to invest.


Business forums

Macedonia2025 organizes business forums and networking events to present the capacities of the domestic industry and to help connect companies and individuals from Macedonia and around the world. Our roundtable events are focused on individual sectors as well as industry-wide discussions for Macedonian business leaders and CEOs.