Connect2MK Program


Macedonia2025’s mission is to shape Macedonia’s future by promoting sustainable economic growth that will improve opportunities for citizens, companies, and foreign investors. Our goal is for Macedonia to become the leading economy and most prosperous country in the region. To this end, we have developed a platform that will connect Macedonian businesses with professional expatriates from around the world, therefore helping them grow and prosper in an international environment, through mentoring programs, partnership opportunities and/or investments. Macedonia2025 remains dedicated to building capacities for economic growth, thus helping build a stronger nation.

The aim of the Program is to use the potential and connections with the diaspora for economic development and business growth. Connect2MK will connect Macedonian businesses with appropriate experts from the diaspora, who will offer:

  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Opening up possibilities for investment

Target participants are companies of predominantly Macedonian ownership, of any size.

Connect2MK Promo Video