The Leader Project


Macedonia2025 is implementing the “Business and Entrepreneurship Development Training: The Leader Project” in cooperation with the renowned Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1991 by MBA students from the Ivey Business School, with the mandate of empowering promising entrepreneurs in frontier markets to envision, launch, and/or scale new ventures. Through this approach, the Leader program aims to enable high-potential individuals to develop local, regional or international business solutions that create opportunities for their communities. At this ten-day program, participants have the opportunity to learn through business case studies, which are part of the Ivey MBA (Management and Business Administration) curriculum.

The aim of the Program is to educate Macedonian young professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, and aspirating entrepreneurs, on the fundamentals of doing business. Participants learn how to turn their business ideas into a reality, or to successfully expand their existing companies in the country.

With the implementation of this program, we support the growth of Macedonian businesses and entrepreneurship, thus positively affecting the overall economic development of the country. The program is aligned with the mission of Macedonia2025 as to help create a prosperous economic climate and a “stronger nation”.

Key Benefits

You will learn the skills and tools needed to properly run a business through the interactive “case study” learning method;


You will gain valuable knowledge and skills for each stage of business development related to strategy, finance, marketing, promotion, sales and growth;


You will be able to identify the biggest obstacles to running your business, in collaboration with the instructors;


Candidates have access to individual mentoring sessions with one of the Ivey School of Business’ instructors and/or mentors provided by Macedonia2025.


Target participants

  • Participants up to 35 years of age
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Those interested in deepening their knowledge in the fields of business and entrepreneurship
  • Company owners
  • Young professionals who want to turn their business idea into reality or to progress in their career


It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the “Atanas Bliznakoff„ foundation. The scholarship is a motivation that provided me with a quality and modern education. There were many challenges, but from today’s perspective, I am grateful for all the difficulties along the way – which scholarship made easier. As an ambitious student, who aims for professional development in the field of dentistry, the support in the past period allowed me to get involved in significant processes that advanced my knowledge. As a person who wants to constantly improve, the scholarship is a great positive motivator that has influenced many aspects of life. The “Atanas Bliznakoff„ scholarship was the successful change in my education, which happened quite quickly, and the very reason for my decision to focus on advancement in the field of dentistry. Nothing is impossible! As a first-year student at the Faculty of Dentistry, I was an active participant in the 28th International Dental Student Congress and the 3rd Summer School for Dental Students and Young Doctors of Dental Medicine. Anything that motivates me to be productive and challenges me is a sense of fulfillment when I master something.

I encourage all students to apply because the opportunity to show yourself with the support that the “Atanas Bliznakoff„  scholarship will provide you is a real opportunity to invest in yourself, your ambition, and your persistence.

- Nadica Jovanova (Vinica)

The scholarship from the “Atanas Bliznakoff„ Foundation in the past academic year was extremely important for me to become more productive in realizing the set goals and achieving results. It was a special honor and pleasure that we had the opportunity this year to meet and be friends with the members and relatives of the “Atanas Bliznakoff„ Foundation, humans (in the true sense of the word) who, with their competence and timely help, facilitate our studies and open up new opportunities and perspectives for us. I wholeheartedly recommend all talented students to apply for this scholarship because from the foundation’s team you will always find professionalism, immense dedication, and understanding that enable our studies and give us inspiration and hope for new achievements.

- Mila Gjorgjevska (Kumanovo)

The “Atanas Bliznakoff„ scholarship is a great support and motivation for me during my studies. Getting it encouraged me in some way to change my point of view towards passing the exams and the grades. I am glad I got it, because this way, trying to keep it, I found that I could get better grades and a good average. I did not enter college with that mindset, since it is considered one of the hardest, but the scholarship is the main “culprit” that changed that, and I am grateful for this turn of events. This past year, was an incentive for me to achieve success in my studies and to continue to fight for better results.

- Marija Bogoevska (Veles)

As a child of a single mother, I can tell you that getting this scholarship is of great importance to me, as well as to my parent. Coming to Skopje to study was a challenge that was much easier to overcome thanks to this scholarship. It is of exceptional importance when paying all the expenses related to the faculty, the participation, as well as the purchase of professional literature for studying. The support we receive with this scholarship makes it much easier for us to walk the path we have envisioned and to focus our attention on our studies without worrying about how the next installment will be paid.

- Marija Burmuzoska (Krivogashtani)

The “Atanas Bliznakoff„ scholarship is one of the main motives for my decision to continue the educational process in our country. This scholarship motivates me to work on my personal and professional development and to commit to my studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The first academic year is a big challenge and brings with it changes to which we have to adapt. This scholarship motivated me to successfully master the studying material and overcome obstacles. In addition, during this academic year, I won first place in the International Competition on the occasion of Immunization Week, organized by EPSA – European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association.

To all students who will apply for this scholarship, I wish them a successful application and advise them never to give up on their dreams, because having dreams means having a vision, and the vision becomes reality.

- Jovana Stojcheska (Prilep)

The “Atanas Bliznakoff„ Scholarship is of great importance to me. It helped me financially and was an incentive and motivation for me to put in additional effort during the first year. This scholarship is a constant supporter of my studies and a companion in achieving my goals.

I wish all students, students to be, and beneficiaries of the “Atanas Bliznakoff„ scholarship successful studies. Use the scholarship as support in achieving your goals and never forget to believe in yourself and your abilities!

- Kliment Shinikoski (Ohrid)

The “Atanas Bliznakoff„ scholarship, was the best thing that happened to me at the beginning of my student life. In addition to financial support, this scholarship has been a great support and motivation to work hard, and achieve my academic goals; opened a door to a new world of contributing by most as a door opens and perspective for a brighter future. My biggest success in the last academic year was that I managed to pass most of the exams because I studied hard throughout the school year.

- Ezana Bekteshi (Skopje)