Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program


Macedonia2025 in cooperation with Catalyste+ (former Canadian Executive Service Organization – CESO SACO) offers its services to Macedonian MSMEs. Catalyste+ is a leading non-profit economic development organization with nearly 50 years of experience, dedicated to sustainably reducing poverty and fostering economic growth in Canada and globally. Catalyste+ provides senior Volunteer Advisers, with experience in diverse sectors and industries to assist small entrepreneurs/MSMEs in improving their business operations by providing skills development, training, coaching, mentoring and related best practices, business tools, processes and systems.

Catalyste+ Advisers are passionate about sharing the wealth of knowledge and expertise they have accumulated over their careers in meaningful ways. Macedonia2025 covers the Advisors’ fee and transport to Macedonia. It is up to the selected company to cover the Advisors’ accommodation, meals and local transport.

Macedonia2025 has a joint mission with Catalyste+ to enhance the competitiveness of Macedonian companies. The aim of the program is to develop the private sector in our country, thus contributing to the overall economic development.

Catalyste+ Advisers work on specific challenges that Macedonian companies face on a daily basis. They will, according to their expertise, be associated with a particular company and deliver 2 to 4 weeks in-depth mentorship and training, for improving the organization, production and marketing processes of companies.

Target participants

Macedonian MSMEs that meet the following criteria:

  • Owned and operated by Macedonian nationals resident in Macedonia
  • Preferably work in the following industries: IT, agribusiness, alternative energy, tourism; hospitality, manufacturing & food processing
  • At least one key staff member at the appropriate level to work in collaboration with the Advisor while on assignment, fluent in English
  • Has a good financial standing (i.e. capable of implementing recommendations and carrying out follow up activities)
  • Adequate level of readiness and with resources to host an Advisor
  • Export oriented


After Richard left Macedonia we stayed in contact, I’ve increased the number of consultants in EQ Excellence, assigned agreement with consultants as partners and have long distance education with him. Richard has invested his time from June to August in 11 online sessions with us and had several educational sessions for supporting me in creating products.

Meanwhile EQ Excellence builds sales channels in Germany and Middle East countries. When we will be able to implement the PM process then we will be able to be present and go on the market.

Clients need these products for increasing their productivity, engagement and build loyal clients’ and employees I already have a client who have 600 employees and work 4 years with EQ Excellence. They are willing to receive training for PM with their top management.


EQ Excellence

We have built a stronger team, and we are working on a getting patent and certification for one of the product that we want to sell. These activities will give us more opportunities in the market also will help us to sell more and faster, especially abroad.



We managed to find the errors in our previous cost calculations and introduced a new mill with greater accuracy of calculation.

We additionally changed the formula for calculating profitability and the indicators that affect it.

We shared experiences in the field of new product development and product selection procedure.



Based on discussions and advice we had from the advisor, we started working on updating our organizational structure in the company by adding a few missing job positions which will make our working process more organized and will allow us to scale and grow the company faster.

We will also change a bit the sales process in our office in Munich. It is very early for the results from the changes to happen, but I think that in the next report we can add more information.



Other MSMEs should apply to the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship program because it gives them the opportunity to hear from top-notch consultants. They can learn from their experience, learn about different contexts, and adapt the knowledge gained to Macedonian conditions of work. Macedonian enterprises should make use of the recommendations and experiences of the great consultants within their companies.”