Day 2 Recap: Ohrid High-Tech Excellence Camp – A Day of Learning and Innovation!


The Ohrid High-Tech Excellence Camp continued to be a hub of learning and creativity on Day 2! Our participants immersed themselves in three captivating robotics sessions, led by the talented team from Young Engineers. Through these sessions, they honed their skills and unleashed their creativity, all while delving into the fascinating world of robotics.

Working in teams with LEGO® robotic sets, they explored the concepts of Light Bricks, Functions, and Parameters. The challenges set by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) added a meaningful dimension to the activities. By collaborating on these challenges, our participants not only developed their problem-solving abilities but also learned the value of perseverance and teamwork. One SDG that held particular significance during these sessions was Goal 7, focusing on ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. As the next generation of leaders and innovators, our participants are being empowered to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.

The afternoon brought even more excitement, with team-building exercises, beach activities, and a movie screening to keep the energy high.

A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes out to the US Embassy in Skopje for their unwavering support and collaboration. Together, we are leaving a lasting impact on these brilliant young minds, empowering them to shape a promising future.

Stay tuned for some captivating pictures, showcasing the enthusiasm and achievements of our participants at the #OhridHighTechCamp!