“Science and Me”


Donor: Johnson Matthey Community Impact Program “Science and Me”
Time period: 01.09.2023 - 31.07.2024
Total Amount: 20,000 British pounds

Project Aim

The aim of the project is to equip science teachers in rural/urban primary schools in North Macedonia with skills and techniques to promote the interest and ambition of pupils to love science and choose their future careers in science. The Teacher and Training impact area can be influenced by giving instructors tools and instruction on how to incorporate science subjects into their curricula and engage students. Encouraging educators to participate in seminars or workshops devoted to science education and by creating a mentoring program where veteran science educators can assist and advise rookie educators.

Expected results

● Change in attitudes of approx. 1500 young people towards science and technology (6th-9th grade elementary school)

● At least 25 primary school science teachers from 10-15 elementary schools in North Macedonia will be equipped with the necessary skills and techniques to teach science effectively and inspire their students to pursue science-related careers.

● At least 10% improved teacher confidence: Teachers who receive training are likely to feel more confident in their ability to teach science effectively, leading to improved job satisfaction and retention.

● At least 5% increased teacher motivation: Teachers who receive training are likely to feel more motivated to teach science, leading to improved job satisfaction and retention.

We outline the opportunities for Johnson Matthey Macedonia staff to volunteer as part of this project, and the number of volunteer opportunities that will be available.