Recognition for diaspora Contribution 2023, Stanley (Nace) Thomas


Recognition for Diaspora Contribution 2023

is awarded to

Stanley (Nace) Thomas

for his outstanding contributions to the Macedonian community in the area of Humanitarian Work.

Stanley (Nace) Thomas has been awarded the Macedonia2025 Recognition for Diaspora Contribution in acknowledgment of his outstanding contributions to the advancement of Macedonia and its citizens. His unwavering commitment to humanitarian work, and strong dedicated humanitarian efforts, including disaster relief, refugee support, and social justice initiatives, has significantly impacted both the Republic of Macedonia and those in need.

Stanley Thomas, whose Macedonian roots were affected by historical events, became an influential figure. His father’s surname, Bozinov, became Bozinis when he immigrated to Canada in 1930 and then anglicized to Thomas. After a long separation due to Depression and World War II, Boris, Stan’s father, was finally reunited with his family in Windsor. Stan, a York University MBA graduate, didn’t forget his heritage. He led efforts to send $4 million worth of pharmaceutical supplies to Macedonia during the Kosovo crisis in 1999.

Stan has been involved with the Canadian Macedonian Senior Citizen’s Centre since 1978 and served as its president from 1990 to 1993. He transformed the Macedonian Open Golf Tournament into a fundraiser for Canadian Macedonian Place, raising over $1.2 million for charitable causes. The tournament continues as a 36-hole shotgun start event at Station Creek Golf Club.
Likewise, it is our pleasure to share a short video highlighting Mr. Thomas’ acknowledgment:

Mr. Thomas received the Recognition for Diaspora Contribution 2023 during the Macedonia2025 Fundraising Gala held in Chicago on September 23, 2023. Accepting the recognition on his behalf was our co-founder, Mr. John Bitov Jr. The Recognition was awarded by the President Stevo Pendarovski.
We are delighted to present a brief pre-recorded video expressing gratitude for receiving the Recognition for Diaspora Contribution by Stanley (Stan) Thomas:
The Macedonia2025 organization is proud to recognize Mr. Thomas for his remarkable contributions and aspires to see his example inspire others to create a positive impact within their respective communities.