“Talents Today – Leaders Tomorrow” Making a Difference Through Mentorship 


In an era where guidance and leadership are paramount to success, we are immensely proud to spotlight our mentorship initiative wit in the Support Fund for Talented High School Students “Talents Today – Leaders Tomorrow.” This program stands as a testament to the power of mentorship in fostering the next generation of leaders, especially among high school students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Our aim is not just to mentor but to transform lives and communities by empowering young talents to reach their full potential.

As we move forward, our gratitude extends profoundly to all mentors who have dedicated their time, knowledge, and hearts to this noble cause. Your unwavering commitment and personal investment in the future of these young minds do not go unnoticed. Your roles as guides, advisors, and role models are crucial in navigating these talented individuals toward a brighter, more promising future.

We are honored to introduce our distinguished mentors, each a beacon of excellence in their respective fields, contributing their unique expertise and insights:

  • Angela BUSHESKA, an Engineering Student, Social Entrepreneur, and Public Speaker, who also stands as a proud former beneficiary of the “Talents Today – Leaders Tomorrow” Scholarship Program. Angela’s journey from scholarship recipient to mentor embodies the program’s cycle of empowerment and giving back.
  • Daniel CUNNINGHAM, an esteemed Instructional Designer, Public Speaker, and Learning and Development Consultant, whose innovative approaches in education are shaping the learning experiences of our mentees.
  • Zehra KJUFLIJU, a dedicated Program Associate at the International Republican Institute (IRI), who passionately advocates for environmental and social causes, enriching our program with her global perspective and commitment to change.
  • Ivana NIKOLIKJ, a trailblazer as a Business Development Executive at IWConnect and a celebrated Forbes Councils Official Member. Ivana brings a wealth of knowledge in tech, leadership, and innovation.
  • Mаја CHANAKJEVIKJ, an English Horn soloist and oboe player with the National Philharmonic Orchestra, whose artistic brilliance and dedication inspire creativity and excellence.
  • Mitko ANDONOV, a visionary entrepreneur and owner of Eon Eden marketing and strategy, providing invaluable insights into marketing, business planning, and e-commerce.
  • Nela JOLESKA, the CEO of Genuine Dynamics, whose expertise in emotional intelligence and performance management is transforming leadership paradigms.
  • Nena MANCHEV, the Head of Education and Leadership Programs at Macedonia2025, guiding our educational strategies with her profound experience and commitment to leadership development.
  • Slavica TASEVA, a Founder of Resources & Solutions, whose expertise as a Career Coach, Trainer, and HR & KPI Consultant is invaluable to our mentors and mentees alike.
  • Tiana SKENDEROVSKA POLENAKOVIKJ, with her MS in Industrial Engineering and Management, brings a unique blend of experience from the automotive and software industries, enriching our program’s diversity.

Through your generous support and mentorship, you are not only shaping futures but also empowering young minds across Macedonia. Your dedication is nurturing potential, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow, and creating a legacy of leadership and hope.

We extend our deepest thanks for your commitment to mentoring and for being pillars of support and inspiration for our scholarship recipients. Your impact is immeasurable, and together, we are indeed making a difference.

Together, we are nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.