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Let’s inspire more pupils to love SCIENCE!

Embarking on a mission to provoke a passion for science among young minds, our promotional campaign, “Science for the Future,” proudly presents Katerina Jancevska, a team leader at Alkaloid AD Skopje’s Institute of Research and Development.

She shares her inspiring journey from Resen to becoming a leading figure in pharmaceutical research. Jancevska’s story highlights her commitment to professional growth and dedication to contributing to her homeland’s thriving pharmaceutical industry.


Hello! My name is Katerina Jancevska, and I am a researcher and team leader at the Institute of Research and Development at Alkaloid AD Skopje. As a member of the Scientific Excellence team, I have the opportunity to work on some of the most intriguing scientific projects related to human health and wellbeing. Here, I would like to briefly share my success story.

I was born in the small town of Resen, where I completed my primary and secondary education. Ever since then, chemistry and biology have captured my interest and slowly grown into a passion. The opportunity to learn about nature itself and, at the same time, create products such as medicine that can change lives was a deciding factor for me to choose to continue my education in the natural sciences, and later build a professional career in pharmaceutical research.

Success story

I started my education in natural sciences in 2008, earning a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. I graduated with summa cum laude honors and was recognized as the best graduate student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Class of 2013. This part of my journey was formative in providing me with a broad education in natural sciences and particularly biochemistry.

Working in pharmaceutical research and development requires both broad knowledge and specialized expertise in several niche disciplines relevant to drug discovery and formulation. To meet these demands, I pursued postgraduate education with a master’s degree at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, specializing in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled with Mass Spectrometry. My master’s studies were supported by a prestigious DAAD scholarship.

Beyond learning the details of the chromatographic spectrometric methods, which I now apply daily, I also served as a teaching assistant (demonstrator). This role allowed me to transfer knowledge to students across a spectrum of courses—from general chemistry to biochemistry. At the same time, this experience strengthened my skills as a communicator and team leader, attributes I consistently apply in my professional work at Alkaloid.

Almost simultaneously with finishing my master’s degree, I joined the Institute of Research and Development at Alkaloid AD Skopje. This defining moment marked the beginning of my professional career. I was fortunate to join a team of some of the brightest researchers in the country. The Institute is distinguished not only by its excellent science but also by its collegial and supportive coworkers. This environment facilitated a smooth transition from academia to the pharmaceutical industry.

My professional career began with the Preformulation team, responsible for evaluating the complex interactions of raw materials used in creating pharmaceuticals. This work is of paramount importance in ensuring safe and effective medicines. Initially, my work focused on applying the chromatographic spectrometric methods I learned during my graduate studies. However, at Alkaloid, continued professional growth is not only expected but strongly encouraged. Consequently, I began broadening my expertise in various areas, such as learning in-silico toxicology methods, among others.

Concurrent with my day-to-day work, I pursued doctorate studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, focusing on the study of elemental impurities in pharmaceuticals. This research discipline is extremely important for the work we do at Alkaloid, and for any pharmaceutical company. I completed my PhD in 2022, with published papers in internationally renowned and recognized journals. Today, I have broad expertise, which allows me to tackle various scientific challenges.

In addition to the professional growth, Alkaloid is a place where I experienced tremendous personal growth as a team leader. Throughout my transition from junior to senior scientist and team leader, I mastered various soft skills necessary for leading a team of excellent researchers tasked with solving some of the trickiest research problems.

I am currently working as part of the Scientific Excellence team, and the name of our team truly reflects our mission. Our role is to bring scientific excellence to every aspect of pharmaceutical product development, from evaluating the starting raw materials to ensuring a safe and effective final product.

It’s worth mentioning that my next step will be enrolling Specialist program: Toxicological Risk Assessment, as crucial part in my career path.

I must say that working for a company that invests in my future through meaningful opportunities is incredibly motivating.

In my decade-long journey with Alkaloid AD, I have found it deeply inspiring to contribute to solving problems and challenges that directly impact human health and well-being. Moreover, I consider myself fortunate to be part of a company that actively nurtures both personal and professional growth.

Giving Back to the Homeland

We should strive to contribute to our homeland in the best way possible. We live by this motto at the Scientific Excellence team, within the Institute of Research and Development, and across Alkaloid AD as a whole. Like those of many others in my team, my success story is a testament to young professionals who have chosen to remain in our homeland, contributing to the growth of a robust and globally recognized pharmaceutical industry.

Her inspirational quote/personal message to all primary school students to motivate them to choose a science-related career/education is: “Your homeland needs your passion, your energy, and your innovation. By investing in the place that shaped you, you help build a future where dreams are realized, and communities thrive.”

The Power of Knowledge

In a world full of possibilities, the gift of knowledge is the most valuable treasure we can bestow upon the next generation. By joining this initiative, you become a beacon of inspiration for those who will carry the torch of science forward.

Let’s work together to inspire, empower, and educate. Let’s ignite the passion for science in the hearts of primary school pupils. Your words could be the spark that lights the fire of curiosity and excellence.

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Join us in shaping the future of science and the young scientists who will define it. Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!

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