Youth Voices


Hey hello! I am David Lazaroski, a second-year student at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering – FINKI in Skopje. I am 20 years old and I was raised in my hometown Prilep with a very rich and successful career in the field of education and science. As a child I had a lot of playful activities in my daily life, I trained karate for 6 years, basketball for 2 years and in my free time, I created a project that was mainly in the field of technology (circuit, some fun games, some handmade mechanism…).

Success Story

The beginning of my primary education was somehow disorganized and unproductive for me because in my close family I do not have people who have completed higher education and none of them know how to swim in those waters. So it was quite difficult for me to organize myself in learning. But that only lasted until I found my first mentor with whom my career took on a different meaning. I was already in the fifth grade when the teacher of technical education – Branko Babanoski – determined my life path and, of course, that path led me to my first success. From a student who did not show any significant interest in studying in the fifth grade, I became a state champion in the field of informatics. At that moment, my idea for ​​my future and career became clear and it was SUCCESS, SUCCESS, and ONLY SUCCESS. I have been a nine-time state champion in robotics, automation, programming, and informatics. My GPA was 5.00 up to 8th grade, I was successful in many areas. When I was already on the threshold of a semi-graduate, I was elected valedictorian in the elementary school “Blaze Koneski” – Prilep. I continued my secondary education in the high school “Riste Risteski – Ricko”, Prilep. I continued to celebrate my success by winning first prizes. I have been state champion four times in the fields of machine technology and automation. I kept my GPA at 5.00 again. I was elected valedictorian once more in high school.

My chosen path for a rich career is, of course, the modern technology of the new era. The projects that I have created so far amount to 120 projects that find application in our everyday human life. Some of my favorite projects are the following:

  • “Protection, safety, and priority of visually impaired people in traffic”
  • “Protect people when working in a sawmill”
  • “Protection of children in the amusement park”
  • “Automated multi-storage garage”
  • “Smart House”
  • “Cocktail preparation machine”
  • “Laboratory for research in places with radioactive radiation”
  • “Automated production line in the food industry”

I continued my education in the same field of technology, so I enrolled at the FINKI faculty in Skopje. I continued my success at college, of course!

I was the Balkan Champion of the Balkan Primacy – Sunny Beach 2019, where I designed the Smart Wheelchair – which can be controlled by eye movement. Its main task is to help people with physical disabilities move with the help of this stroller that will be managed with their eyes. With the same project, I was also one of the finalists at the “Generation Unlimited – 2020” challenge that took place this year. My successes of course don’t stop there! The projects that I will design and innovate in the following period will bring us the next successes in these areas, of course. The next project I am working on is “Production, saving and rational use of natural resources for electricity production” with smart applications and software through which people will have the opportunity to produce their own electricity and thus achieve a certain profit.

Macedonia2025/ Giving Back to the Homeland

Now quite a lot of people leave our country and go to other countries in hope that there is something “better” out there… I am witnessing that because some of my friends have done the same.

Of course, I’m not justifying them! Before they decide to spend their lives in other European countries, I give them good advice, which I think will benefit everyone who has the same desire to leave our homeland. Most people are looking for higher salaries in order to lead a richer – more comfortable life. The reality in our country is clear – wages are much lower than in other countries, but people who have not acquired the habit of managing their finances when they are low, how will they be able to manage larger sums… Unfortunately, the more they earn, the more they are in the same trap that every employee is – “waking up in the morning, running to get to work, work 8,9,10 … hours, get tired from work, sleep and the same all over again… ”. My opinion is that people in our country should change their thinking and career habits because there are conditions for developing wonderful businesses and careers here. The only thing they need is proper education in finance and social responsibility. They are mostly searching for higher paid jobs, a cleaner environment, while at the same time not trying to change their own destructive habits and negative consequences. They should instead start their own business and develop the industrial capacities of our own country. I want to be one of those who hopefully will be the first one to prove that we don’t need relocations, to Europe, America, or wherever it is … If we want the whole world can be here with us in Macedonia. I want to build a successful career in my country, as people have proven it is possible with smart work and good education.