Youth Voices


My name is Marko, Marko Ingjilizov. My hometown is Veles, probably my favorite town. I’m 16 and I study at the Kocho Racin Gymnasium in Veles. In my opinion, learning is a challenge, because with every single day we are exposed to a variety of information, thus we have to select, remember, and use them. My past showed me many positive things about both the physical sciences and humanities. In fact, my area of study is humanities, but I believe that everyone who is learning them needs to have a wide knowledge of physical sciences. A combination of both gives us the perfect image of the status quo in our society, which we have to improve with all possible resources.

Success Story

I have practice not to speak about my personal achievements, because of ethical reasons, but I think it is reasonable to write about it here, just to come closer to the audience since most of them don’t know me. I’ve spoken loudly and clearly about all the challenges that we face in our society from an early age. Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have, it’s one of my mottos. In my elementary school, I had many competitions, mostly in physical sciences, such as physics, geography, chemistry, biology, mathematics, but I also took part in language competitions. Now, at my high school, I put my focus on my primary interests.  Debate, law, economics, public speaking, and philosophy – my current occupations. At this point when I have to pick one of my highest awards, I assume that would be the second place in the competition European Money Quiz, where my partner, Viktorija, and I represented Macedonia together with 28 other countries. Despite this, I will mention again that awards are only one mark of success; the story is written by a person with their appearance, and above all, their humanity. In terms of my future plans – I think very carefully and I consider all of the aspects. This is one of my characteristics – I don’t make quick decisions, I want everything to be checked-up. I want to study abroad, but undoubtedly I want to transfer all of the knowledge here, in my homeland. As a result, I will make that change that I promised to – to make this country a better place to live, because this country gave me the opportunity to be the person I dreamed of, and on which I am proud of.

Macedonia2025/ Giving Back to the Homeland

Macedonia2025 and I is a rightful combination. I connected with this organization that is such a wonderful place to share my opinions with and improve my way of thinking. It is a great honor to invest and to work with the members of the organization because they are the future. Economic improvement and leadership development form a young person and an entire society. It is very inspiring that Macedonia2025 focuses on different areas the most important of which is repaying/returning our homeland. The situation in our country is very clear. We were tested several times in the past where we demonstrated our strength, perseverance, and ability. Everyone has to accept that we won’t get better with words and demagogy, but with real steps instead. We need to pave our path in the best possible way, for future generations. The sooner we understand, the sooner we will succeed.