Youth Voices


My name is Sibela Mamudoska, I am 23 years old and I come from Prilep. I finished my secondary education at the secondary vocational school “Kuzman Josifoski – Pitu” in Prilep, educational profile for Legal technician and I continued my education at the Faculty of Economics in Prilep, “St. Kliment Ohridski” University – Bitola. I am currently finishing my second year of the study program for Accounting and Audit at the University.

Success story

My success story is closely related to what kind of person I am. Since elementary school I have had a great desire to compete in various areas which captured my interest. I have a constant urge to compete with others, but also with myself, testing my own limits. I have won numerous first, second and third prizes on regional and national competitions. It all began near the end of my elementary education when I took part in the regional history competition and by winning third prize I qualified for the national competition. The story did not end there, it continued during my secondary education as well. I participated in a regional essay competition and I was awarded first prize. Furthermore, I took part in a national competition in the area of law and economics organized by the Ministry of Education and I won first prize as “The Vocation Leader”. Also, my team won first prize and the gold medal for “The Best Fashion Show” at the MASSUM state competition. I have always been a great admirer of the written word and I still write when I find time. That desire for writing has resulted in winning first prize at a poetry writing competition and second prize and silver medal for reciting my own poem at the MASSUM state competition. Additionally, my team was awarded second prize and a silver medal for “The Best Stall” at the same competition. I also took part in another category at the MASSUM competition and won bronze medal for “The Best Career Portfolio”. That was an amazing competition and an incredibly successful year for me.

The year before, my team won the bronze medal for “The Best Fashion Show” at the MASSUM state competition. During my secondary education I participated in a national competition for business plans and my team managed to enter the ten finalists who gave presentations at an event organized by The National Centre for Development of Innovations and Entrepreneurial Learning and the Ministry of Education.

However, my enthusiasm did not subside when I finished my secondary education. I was included in many seminars, trainings and workshops on regional, national and international level in order to improve my personal skills and abilities which I believed had not been developed properly during my formal education. I took a course in German as a second foreign language and passed the exam for B2 Certificate in Germany. Then I began my university studies and I tirelessly continue to engage myself in different activities and competitions among which is the oratory competition organized by the university every year. However, this year it did not take place due to the virus crisis.

Recently, I was chosen as the best student of my generation on state level and I received an award for the highest achievements in the studies based on my average grade.

Macedonia 2025 / Giving back to Homeland

I am considered as a person who needs to be involved in several activities, because I believe that doing only one thing (studying) is not sufficient and satisfactory. My firm opinion is that my knowledge and my long personal improvement should benefit not only me, but also the people around me. I am a member of several organizations and I have participated in numerous projects which have been successfully implemented in various areas such as: education, housing and legalization of facilities, help for people without personal documents and returnees from abroad etc. These projects have made great contribution to the society. I am currently included in two projects which aim at helping communities in dealing with the Covid – 19 crisis. One of the projects is a Call Center of the Association Romaverzitas from Skopje and the other project is from Civika, implemented by the Association REDI from Tetovo. The latter focuses on installing water taps which will provide equality for the neighborhoods with no access to water in the battle against Covid – 19. My goal is to carry on helping the community and consistently contributing to the improvement of our society. I see myself as a successful accountant and entrepreneur in the future, who will be able to turn her passion into a specific product and put her knowledge into practice in order to provide help to those who need it.